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The American Legislative Exchange Council (or ALEC–comprised of legislators and corporate sponsors) is planning to meet for their “States and Nation Policy Summit” just outside of Phoenix, AZ (Scottsdale) from November 30-December 2, 2011 . You’ve found the website dedicated to helping organize a diversity of tactics and strategic resistance not just against the scheduled summit, but against the very notion that governance is allocated to the highest bidder and is not the  basic right of people on the ground to govern themselves. ALEC serves as a tool for high dollar corporations to access legislators for the purposes of reaching their own exploitative and profitable ends.  Environmental devastation, criminalized communities of color, constrained access to resources and choices in already impoverished communities, ALEC’s list of profit-making schemes linked to oppressive legislation is only growing longer.  And the time has come to stand up together.

Here you will find:  more information about ALEC and their dark and sordid history, meeting and event announcements, repeatedly updated plans of resistance for Nov. 30-Dec. 2 and before, links to websites which help bridge the gaps between corporations, profit, legislation, and oppressed communities.  Take a look.  Explore.  Learn more.  Share. Get involved.  Fight.


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