– Print-able Outreach Flyers: shutdownALEC BLACK & WHITE , shutdownALEC – COLOR

Who is ALEC? – Basic information in trifold format

Call to action – What is ALEC? – Who are ALEC members? – What has ALEC done? – ALEC and colonialism – How can I fight ALEC? – Where can I learn more about ALEC?

ALEC presentation – Powerpoint presentation

Background on the current context of criminalization, deportation and incarceration, the prison industry and their influence, ALEC and its role in criminalizing immigrant communities, November convergence against ALEC.

When Misery Means Profit: Immigration Enforcement, the Prison Industry and ALEC – Article in zine format

Background on the prison industry, ALEC’s role in promoting incarceration and criminalizing immigrant communities, resistance to ALEC

Designed to Kill – Article in zine format

Discussion of militarization of the border and its relationship to the border industrial complex, drug cartels and white supremacy.


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