Independent Media Tips


Tag your videos, photos, or social media updates with #shutdownalec or #occupyALEC

Select a Creative Commons license or @nti-copyright when uploading so others can quickly share and use your documentation to spread the word.


Remember: You have the legal right to film police

Record any police orders or permissions given and the time and officer’s name and badge number. Record any police filming protests or protesters.

Film or say names of officers, badge numbers or helmet numbers into the camera.

If needed, verbally add details to give facts of what happened.

Have a partner to watch your back, help keep you safe and alert you if any situations occur.  If you are at risk of arrest and want to keep filming, consider giving a memory card to a friend for safe keeping; replace with empty card and KEEP RECORDING.  If an incident occurs, get the name and contact info of others who were filming/photographing.


Film/photograph the cops not your friends. Be smart about what you document and choose to publish.

If you think faces need to be blurred, or feel the video may harm someone’s case or dignity, save your media and get legal advice before uploading.

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