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Summary of Activities:

  • 12/1 Spokescouncil meeting, decompression, March at Freeport McMoran, Decentralized Actions, Speaking Event w/Publisher of, Warehouse party
  • 12/2 More actions during day? Convergence and dinner, March on First Friday
  • 12/3 Looking Forward: Resistance Beyond ALEC counter-conference

A tentative detailed schedule has been updated 12/01.

Contact us! @ or “Katy Perry” at (623) 498-1929


Banner-hang 11/29/11

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is planning on meeting in Scottsdale, AZ (just outside Phoenix) for their annual State and National Policy Summit from November 30-December 2 2011. ALEC itself is a tool for hundreds of corporations to use for the sole purpose of obtaining access to thousands of legislators and then exploiting that access to pass profit-making legislation. ALEC works like a think tank, devising legislation that benefits the corporate elite at the cost of the masses and then putting that model legislation in the hands of legislators along with gifts and incentives to urge their passing and now more than 200 of ALEC’s model bills have become actual laws throughout the country over the past year. The links between corporate greed, state oppression, and you have never been clearer. This website is dedicated to the rising resistance against ALEC, their planned summit, and all corporate greed that would serve to perpetuate state oppression in already impoverished communities on already occupied land. Here you will find a lot more information on the link between ALEC, the private prison industry, and recent legislation like Arizona’s own SB-1070; you will find news articles, reports, and websites exposing ALEC; you will find multimedia pieces explaining the growing and explicit connections between corporate power and community oppression; you will find links to other websites and organizations building resistance in Arizona; and lastly, you will find ways to plug in. We’re calling on all people to take a stand. *Come to Phoenix from November 29-December 3 to tell ALEC we will not allow them to further criminalize and oppress our communities in order to fatten the coffers of their corporate members. *Organize an action in your community for November 30th. *Keep checking the website for updates on information, events, and actions. *Spread the word about ALEC and how its members and their greed have affected your home, your family, your life. Finding the website was your first step. What will be your next?


27 responses to “Previous Post

  • Dis Gust

    Good luck from Resist the Privatization of America on Facebook. Look us up for all of the printed–and soon all the video anti-ALEC that you will ever find.

  • vikter medina

    are there any meeting happening as far as building a strategic action for the ALEC conference that local organizations can come too?

  • god dammit

    Why do you refuse to post the address? It is coming off to quite a few folks of a disgusting display of hierarchical organizing that you refuse to do this, coupled with demands that the people who might like to come on their own go through organizers who apparently have decided that they also should not actually tell anyone ANYTHING about the day, my guess is because the people putting this together don’t know themselves. Now you refuse to post comments asking for the address and calling out how dumb it is to refuse to release it on the site, when one google search a preschooler could do turns it up….COME ON. SO FRUSTRATING, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

    • oh brother

      “I don’t approve of how you’re asking us to do this.”

      What an ironic statement in response to feelings being expressed that not putting the address forces people to go through some sort of Organizing group in order to frame their resistance, if they are wanting to participate. You don’t have to approve of how I or anyone ASKS for information. It might not have been asked in the way that it was if previous comments from others (not myself) and requests here and other places the ‘call-out’ was published weren’t wither deleted or ignored.

    • vikter medina

      I just looked through your website and cant find any contact info.

    • Thomas John

      Then said pre-schooler should have done said research and stopped attempting to come off as speaking for ‘quite a few people’. Research and self-post in this forum would equal less time than typing whiny complaint.

      • Duh

        (not original poster speaking)

        The irony of this response, given its presumptuous impunity in tandem with the unsolicited name-calling, is amusing given that it’s attempting to berate a “time wasting whiny complaint.” If you were actually so fond of avoiding such wastes of time, I can’t think of any reason that you’d bother replying at all.

        Where the original poster was mistaken in speaking for “quite a few people” was not that they don’t exist (I could actually name you *plenty* who have had more “whiny complaints” than lack of address about the organizing/site), but rather in that most with the complaints don’t care enough about the event to worry about the address anyway.

        Instead of speaking with aforementioned impunity laden with insults, you could try addressing the numerous issues (or “whiney complaints”, ya know, like hierarchy/access/transparency) with conversation and rebuttal… but given the nature of the event and organizing that I’ve seen from it, the content of your response is not surprising.

      • Duh

        … and actually, I’ve been slightly misleading in my response, because I left out the fact that I also know several people with critiques of this event in general and more specifically to its organizers/organizing who are *still going* because people will be there and it might be “fun.”

        So, have fun, kids!

        The only way I’m going near that resort is if i can get some of the catering food and use the pool and jump on a giant fluffy bed. that would be “fun,” too. I mean, I’d love to burn down the resort as well, that’d be fun… But NOT until i’ve jumped on a bed! Maybe I can do both at the same time for a second or too. Who knows.

  • el mexicano cchingon

    What’s up gringos? This is juan lopez I have 7 kids all on wic welfare we use the emergency rooms when we feel sick free food at school section 8 I get pay cash and pay no taxes. Viva america! Viva los estados unidos de americab

  • sheryl willson

    Gool luck 🙂

  • Blayne

    I registered OccupyALEC at

    I set the email as


  • juana doe

    SANDLANDERZ can b so …. just show up & u don’t need ANYONEZ permission or excuse to do the obvious-
    ” SMACKDOWN A L E C” – c u der!

  • unknown

    The Westin Kierland Hotel

    6902 E. Greenway Parkway

    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

  • Big V

    What’s wrong with not wanting to swarm our labor markets with illegal labor from countries that don’t produce anything? I agree that we need to get money out of government. However, it is also plain to see that the ONLY people who benefit from illegal labor are the 1%. The American worker should be fighting like mad AGAINST illegal labor, not for it.

    • resistalec

      It’s important to understand that the “1%” has nearly everything to do with the fact that people have had to migrate north to the U.S. Millions of people have lost jobs and land due to things like NAFTA. The “1%” knew this was going to happen even though they claimed it would be better for all our economies. They started increasing border security right around the passage of NAFTA in ’94. Aside from this, the border is an arbitrary line on land taken by force multiple times. You are right that the “1%” benefit from “illegal” labor- it has benefited them to make people illegal in the first place, and continues to. They are interested in justifying this illegality by painting migrants as bad people. The longer we allow the “1%” to divide us, the longer it’ll take to bring them down. (i put 1% in quotes because i think i think this cut-off is arbitrary and unclear).

  • Radsupporter

    This is the Prime mover of corporate sponsor legislation in the country. It is secretive, exclusive and daunting. Be prepared for you will be arrested and itimitated. They will buy the police they will trump local governments. they have private security.
    Drum Circles and human mic, and if you are able too bring attention by filming the participants since it is an frat like organization do so. ALEC is the most powerful group, they are not PAC’s, but a very old and secretive club much in the tradition of the corrupt Roman Bath houses of Ancient Rome.
    Be non-violent but expect violence.

    Solidarity and a call to occupiers this is the Top Corruptor of our governments that we seek to liberate, disrupt and protest.


  • Earl Redinger

    When folks wake up to the fact we are in a war against the Rupert Murdoc Cult and it has taken over 20% of the US by using the propaganda machine called Fox, then maybe, just maybe these protest will have some meanings. Until then we are just tools for them to prove their propaganda message. Kick Rupert to the curb, PLEASE.

    • Radsupporter

      My friends, I suggest a Very early morning worship dance of life with drums and dancers to encircle the location of the ALEC meeting. As for Fox they should have stuck with comedy..Murdoch’s were exposed and is finished.. Fox news are people and they need to get real and stop being in the river denial. I hope to stop traffic and the ALEC meeting from taking place, I hope they run like rabbits from a coyote. But they won’t, remember wounded knee I do and I was young and shed tears for the brutality against people who were right in their claims.
      There is no greater enemy than ALEC it is the head of this beast the .03 of the 1% followed by the twenty percent who blindly follow anything that glitters, unaware of the damage and loss of their personal humanity and liberty. On Fox they look plastic, powdered, and definetly disregarding of any thought that might actually be win win for everything. Occupy here in our movement means be aware be yourself, be living and is democratic all have a voice they say we need one but in democracy the many find a path that benefits all there is equality and no discrimination, Good protesting, a Parade would be definetely a unique statement and more in line with the liberation of human expression.

      Be Peaceful but Occupy


  • Dennis Shreefer

    Great work…Any possibility of getting a roster of attendees? I am especially interested in the South Carolina contingent.

    By the way, Duke Energy occupies both corporate chairs of the state ALEC membership and one in Indiana as well.

    A piece of model legislation you can track is the state currency joint resolution. Don’t know if it’s ALEC or not, but the wording is virtually identical throughout the legislation. States you can check are South Carolina, Virgina (House of Delegates) Georgia, Montana & New Hampshire.

  • bug

    as a migrant (dubbed ‘ilegal alien’ by the gov’t), i find this movement absolutely amazing & inspiring. you can count on me to go support tomorrow. if i didn’t have schoold i’d be a lot more involved

  • aguamala

    sweet banner hang 11-29 yo!!
    My love and support are with yall ❤

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