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BREAKING NEWS: Indigenous Elders & Supporters Occupy ALEC Member Salt River Project Headquarters


12:13 PM – Cops pushing everyone back to sidewalk, snatched a few people from crowd
12:00 PM – Atleast 12 arrests at SRP occupation, 5 still locked down – Stand by for jail support!
10:30 AM –  5 Locked Down while 70 support in Salt River Project Headquarters SHUT DOWN ALEC MEMBERS! 



Friday, December 2, 2011

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BREAKING NEWS: Indigenous Elders & Supporters Occupy ALEC Member Salt River Project Headquarters

TEMPE, AZ — Indigenous Dine’ (Navajo) and O’odham elders and supporters are taking direct action by occupying Salt River Project (SRP) headquarters today at 10am. This action is occurring while the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) holds their “States & Nation Policy Summit” in Scottsdale, AZ. SRP is on ALEC’s corporate board.

Louise Benally, a resident of Black Mesa impacted by SRP’s operations, is delivering a letter to SRP that outlines critical concerns of her community. She expressed that “My community is heavily impacted by Salt River Project’s coal and water extraction activities. SRP has extensive ties to Peabody Energy’s massive mining operations and the Navajo Generating Station which they co-own. Coal mining has destroyed housands of archeological sites and our only water source has been seriously compromised. Their operations are causing widespread respiratory problems, lung diseases, and other health impacts on humans, the environment, and all living things.”

“…We demand that SRP & Peabody meaningfully involve the indigenous communities they are impacting, and that they convert to non-fossil fuel based energy sources and address the health impacts on our communities.”

“…ALEC, acting in the corporate interests of SRP & Peabody Energy, continues policies & operations that are not only devastating whole communities and ecosystems, but greatly de-stabilizing our planet’s climate for the profit of a few, the so-called 1%.” stated Benally.

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