SRP/Peabody/Alec Action Updates


Final five cutout of lock boxes
All five protestors are now cut out of their lock-boxes. The supporting protestors are leaving the SRP site. Cops have communicated that as long as protestors do not enter private property and remain on the sidewalk no further arrests will be made. We will keep you updated as we hear more. Remember that if you have any media from today or any of this weeks actions please use the following tags while posting: #occupyALEC, #shutdownALEC and/or #ALECexposed.

2:25pm – Protestors being cut out
This just in, protestors that locked-down inside SRP are now being cut out. 2 people removed so far. cops are being negotiated with to not use chemical weapons due to elders and families present. No further people arrested . Protestors pushed back to edge of property line.


5 responses to “SRP/Peabody/Alec Action Updates

  • jesse

    Checked local news stations. The SRP protest is not being reported as an Anit-ALEC action. It is being reported as an environmental and tribal protest. Found only one report linking it to Occupy.

    Shut down ALEC was still at Kierland. Talked directly to some ALEC members and congressmen. Why aren’t we focusing on that convention? As long as the protest is there they will be forced to actually use the name of the group that is being protested. One more day left!

  • Duh

    A friend of mine got arrested last night at the First Friday march. You dorks going to maybe put any more specifics than “morning” and “jail support” on the schedule?

    Or should I just bike around and hope I can plug in to this “morning jail support” by chance?

    Any reason names of arrestees haven’t been posted for support?

    Anything good about this site besides press and graphic design?

    • resistalec is what is picking up the updates you are looking for. 4th ave jail for jail support for those arrested earlier yesterday. i’m not sure yet about whoever was arrested at night.

  • Duh

    hahaha their “schedule” just links back here, where the time and place for this “morning jail support” is absent.

    … and the names of arrestees aren’t posted there as far as I can tell either.

    So…. no.

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