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Diane D’Angelo (602) 405-5134

Occupy Phoenix to Protest at ALEC Summit on November 30We will no longer remain passive while our country is sold to the highest bidder.Phoenix, AZ 11/22/11 — On November 30, Occupy Phoenix will lead a protest at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) States & Nations Policy Summit at Scottsdale’s Westin Kierland Hotel. The 99% will be joined by members of other local groups and Occupiers from other cities as they answer a national call for action against this heinous organization.

The protests shine a light on the corporate takeover of state legislatures. Via ALEC, corporations hand legislators changes to laws that directly benefit their bottom line, such as Arizona’s notorious SB 1070. Currently 35 AZ State Representatives and 15 AZ Senators have ties to the organization. Recently recalled Senate President Russell Pearce is a member of ALEC’s Public Safety and Elections Task Force Executive Committees.

ALEC is at the core of what is wrong with our political system today. This organization promotes and enacts the sale of local and national legislation. We will no longer remain passive while our country is sold to the highest bidder.

For more information about Occupy Phoenix visit www.occupyphx.org

To learn more about ALEC’s takeover of our democracy visit:
azresistsalec.wordpress.com. Follow Twitter hashtags #ALECexposed or #occupyALEC

We are the 99%

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/244457188948081/


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