Anti-ALEC National Day of Action November 30. Occupy ALEC

please spread this to your contacts across the country, including Occupy events…


From November 30 to December 3rd, 2011,some of the most powerful corporations and thousands of state legislators will be bringing Wall Street politics and greed to Scottsdale, AZ.  The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), will be having their States and Nations Policy Summit where they can continue their drive for profits, and to control and destroy our communities and the earth.

Most of us learned about ALEC, a secretive nation-wide organization, when they were exposed for their relationship with private prisons and their role in SB1070 and its copy cat laws, although they’ve been involved in various efforts to criminalize people through such things as the mandatory minimum sentencing and three strikes laws.  They were also involved in the creation of the animal enterprise terrorism act (AETA), they support companies (including BP) involved with energy extraction across the world (including Tar Sands), as well big pharmaceutical companies.
We are calling for a national day of action on November 30 to demonstrate against ALEC during their conference.
Join us in Scottsdale, AZ on occupied Onk Akimel O’odham lands, to expose, confront, and resist ALEC and what they represent.
ALEC is everywhere. If you can’t make it, find one or more representatives of ALEC (corporate, government, or non-profit org) in your area to expose, confront, and resist!
Please spread the word!

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